Monday, April 9, 2012

Treading closer to chaos!

We are starting to remove 2 layers of linoleum and 53 years of dirt!

Little do we know that bad juju is about to be found!

The board on the right going under the base for the seat had a little rot so I asked my husband to remove it.  He wasn't in favor because he wanted us to use the trailer for the summer and start the major renovation in the fall. I talked him into removing it and OMGosh was that a mistake!

Here's Lee trying to figure out how the base is attached to the floor and front of the trailer.

Breaking out the Sawzall...

The base is out and loe and behold...what do we have here????  ROT!  There were 2 layers of paneling over it... I guess this trailer that I thought was not too bad was a bit decieving underneath it's clothes!


Me and my big mouth...  I have just created a nightmare... I guess we will be camping by fall!  LOL

Contemplating running away from home LOL

This is where I get *THE LOOK*  The look that says what have you gotten me into???? And... it would have been cheaper to buy one already restored...  :o)  Love you hunny!!!

Out comes the other base....

Lee's done for the day... standing outside and thinking that Pinterest sucks because my addiction to Pinterest is what gave me this idea in the first place!!!

Well, I got my job done... The linoleum is out.  I have a few spots to work on yet but I don't have to hurry... we have bigger fish to fry right now!!!  I am glad my hubby is a woodworker, is mechanical and a good sport!!!  Time for a drink and some dinner... Tomorrow is another day!

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