Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here is the galley.  It's not in bad condition but it will be upgraded!  I am sure that the microwave was an new addition since the 50's! :)

Here is the dinette...  the cushions have already been discarded and the tires taken out!  :)

I love the cabinets above the dinette.  I am undecided as to whether I want to leave the wood (it needs work) put new birch paneling in and white wash it or take it all out and have my husband build me new cabinets.  Hmmmm.... decisions!

UGLY brown stove.  I am thinking of taking it out and sending it in to be repainted in turquoise...  Brown may look good with turquoise so we shall see.  i do not intend on using it much, if ever.

A nice big closet was a must because I always overpack!

The back end of the trailer and the bedroom... This is already in the landfill and a brand new mattress will be ordered when we get to that point.  I wish that it was running all along the back instead of down the side.  the bathroom is on the other side of the room... I guess we need to keep the bathroom LOL!

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