Monday, April 9, 2012

Ohhh la la!!! I went shopping today! I should be grooming dogs!

We have the COOLEST place that does retro Bars and Booths  here in Charles Town... (That's actually their business name)!  I picked out my booths and formica and they will build me my dinette!!!

Here are my color swatches....
I like the bottom right, brown and aqua.  Of course it's hard to get and costs more... go figure huh?  LOL 

This is someone elses trailer but I think that I want my seats exactly like it... 

The brown in the formica will tie in my ugly brown stove if I decide not to get it re-enameled. 

Here is mine until I ripped it all out yesterday... 

I also bought this clock today on ebay...

 I just bought this vintage fan today!

And these pans!


  1. I LOVE your color choices! and of course your new accessories! ;)

  2. Molly, My husband found a '59 Mobile Scout online and has been tracking it for a few months. Last night he popped "the question"... How would I feel about a long term project that we could work on together? So I'm really interested in how your project has gone since your last post in April. Are you still working on it?